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Lightning 101 Oct30

Lightning 101

While on holiday in Spain these stills were taken  from video footage from my new compact Samsung WB250F. See the full set here

The Journey (I)

The Journey – Through my Eyes (I) ” Lifes greatest journey is to journey”  

Franco @ Dry Live Dec17

Franco @ Dry Live

Franco and the Dreadnoughts Launch night for “Last Man Standing Remixes” WATCH AFTERMATH VIDEO FILMED @ DRY LIVE PRESS HERE

James Hirst Launch Dec17

James Hirst Launch

James Hirst Launch Night for his new EP @ Jim’s Cafe Colne WATCH “TOMORROWS NEW HOME” VIDEO press...

Manchester Markets

Dashed around the markets got a few snaps & had a mulled wine!


Franco and the Dreadnought performed “Last Man Standing with the Manchester United Foundation Choir at Un-Convention Manchester 09.11.12.  Find out more about...

Autum Nov02


This is my favourite time of the year.  Crisp clear sunny cold days, blue skies and beautiful colors.

James Hirst Oct29

James Hirst

Some images from the recording and making of “Tomorrows New Home” Watch the video here

Rustic Spain Sep27

Rustic Spain

These were taken while on a recent trip to Spa

Custard Cube

This is the most amazing music shop located in our town of Accrington, Lancashire.  Not only does it offer all genres of music on Vinyl, cassette, CD but there is so much more to see… here is a video I made of the shop  

Blurred Jun02


I wanted to try and create some images that are slightly different to what I have been doing.  I purposely blurred some of these images in camera.  Model: Milly Hair & Make-up: Antoria Lingard...

Creative Minds = Creative Hands May16

Creative Minds = Cre...

I took these while on a walk in La Alfoquia Spain.

Hacienda May03


Researching at college I came across the Hacienda.  I remember the music I remember the clothes but I was not aware of  the  Hacienda.  Years later I am at college surfing through websites & I see colours bright yellow and black & I am drawn in… this led me onto Ian Tilton whose work I am inspired by & attended an exhibition in London (well worth the journey). I then choose to research Ian for my college project the main theme being “Influences.”  I was lucky enough to be invited by Ian to the official opening exhibition for...

Franco and the Dreadnought Images for the music production of “Last Man Standing” @ Animal Farm London Apr14

Franco and the Dread...

I went with Franco to Animal Farm, London, to document the recording of “Last Man Standing.”  Here are the images!!! FOLLOW FRANCO AND THE DREADNOUGHT Tumblr       |       Twitter    |     Soundcloud   |  ...

Franco and the Dreadnought images for the making of the video “Last Man Standing” Apr11

Franco and the Dread...

I first saw Franco and the Dreadnought at Dentdale music and beer festival 2011.  I instantly knew he had something special so I started following him to gigs and then I did some photographs of him for promotional purposes one which has been used for the cover of “Last Man...


I love candid photography especially at a wedding, capturing moments that tell a story….

Towneley Hall Apr10

Towneley Hall

Went on a walk around Christmas time and just loved how atmospheric it felt, looking back at the pictures reminds me of that day.  It was a good...

Ramsbottom Festival Apr10

Ramsbottom Festival

Another festival I went to with my Fuji which was a good job to because they were taking cameras of people at this one which is a shame because events like these should be recorded after all it is publicity.  They seemed to check how “technical” the camera looked but what they...

Dentdale Apr10


Dentdale Music & Beer Festival…where I came accross the talented artist Franco and the Dreadnought… Again shot with my Fuji but just wanted to include these because what a wonderful festival it was & a surprise to be driven through all the hills on a rainy day thinking to...

Creamfields 2011 Apr10

Creamfields 2011

Shot with mt Fuji bridge camera but still wanted to share…I would like so much to go into an event/festival with my Nikon!!!

Kate Apr05


Kate was another amazing friend I got to create with.  We went up into the mountains & found some old buildings that had some paintings on the wall that created...



Another example of shooting in AUTO with my Fuji bridge camera… What I loved about where I lived in Spain was that there was so may interesting places that could be used to create some amazing images & the dry beautiful weather this made it easy just to go out and shoot.  These...

The Shade Mar31

The Shade

The Shade >>>>> what can I say>>>>> you have to see them!!!!

Alexandria Mar31


This is when it really started to take off for me digitally. I had the help of a lovely Spanish friend who owned a photography shop in Garrucha, Agustin Berrocal, he tried to help me understand exposures and working in the studio. Thank you Agustin, your patience and kindness to help me is...

BEAT-HERDER 2011 Mar31


Here are some images (not for website intention) with my Fuji bridge camera from The Beat-Herder 2011.  It was an amazing festival & so much effort was put into every single detail it almost felt like you were going into the Enchanted Wood.  Unfortunately these images do not do it justice, I was enjoying the festival rather than thinking technical & I would be worried about taking expensive equipment out with me although I would like to cover an event properly if anyone is reading this let me know!!!

Alannah Mar29


This was a shoot to promote a 2nd hand clothes shop in Accrington.  I found Alannah through a friend and I just knew that she would fit the image that I had in my head.  Her style always seemed to change and she had so many different looks.  The great thing about this was we had so many...

Sharna Mar28


The good thing about being in Spain was the weather and the light.  One thing I know if you have the right lighting you have the shot.  The problem with my return to England was the dull day and nights and the fact there was not much light.  I like the outdoors because I feel I can get...

Heathland Drama Mar28

Heathland Drama

We had to do a mobile studio shoot for part of my college course.  The background was really creased so I had to do quite a bit of editing & also inserted a new background on a couple.

X Factor Tour 2012 Mar28

X Factor Tour 2012

Shooting  in manual with my fuji bridge camera & from quite a distance, there is a lot of noise & some images may be blurry but not bad  though!!!  

Bentley’s Hair Salon Mar28

Bentley’s Hair...

I did a shoot for this happy bunch to promote their new premises.  They wanted something a bit different not just your typical posy shots so this is what we did.  I would say if you are afraid of walking into a new salon and being snubbed then don’t be because this is one place...

Manchester Lights

I went on a workshop to Manchester experimenting with shutter speeds & lighting.  It was good to be in a group of people because you feel safer & you learn more that way....

Laundrette Mar27


I have always wanted to do a shoot in a laundrette & I used to say to one of my childhood friends that I wanted her to pose & in my mind I had vintage, black & white, sunglasses, hats, books etc.  The shoot never happened back then but it did earlier this year when I was fortunate...


I spotted Natalie at a Dance class in 2010 & thought how she reminded me of Florence Welch lead singer of Florence and the Machine.  With her porcelain skin and beautiful red hair I could envisage butterfly’s, trees, flowers & summer clothing & after a few weeks of conversing we set the day for the shoot.  I never planned much back then & still don’t if I’m honest; If I plan it never seems to go to plan; this shoot being a perfect example of that you will see there are no...

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