This is when it really started to take off for me digitally. I had the help of a lovely Spanish friend who owned a photography shop in Garrucha, Agustin Berrocal, he tried to help me understand exposures and working in the studio. Thank you Agustin, your patience and kindness to help me is always going to be appreciated. I already new Alexandria and always thought that she had the potential for modelling. Alex would turn up in a Tom Boy type of persona and transform into the opposite whenever we did a shoot. From the moment she was in front of the camera she had this natural ease and just threw herself in and to be honest some of my favourite shots from Spain are still my favourite today. Taken on my Fuji fine pix all in AUTO I guess there is something to be said about light!!! Alex gave me the opportunity to experiment in all kinds of way and was always coming up with ideas and we always had a brilliant day out. She was also a model for my good friend Lee, who is also a very talented photographer and has some amazing work and a few other photographers in the area. So here are some of them….